Current Political Issues in the World

Learn about current global and domestic political issues. See a list of some contemporary political issues and learn the definitions of relevant terms. 카지노사이트

Rogue States and Terrorism

The primary global political issue facing every nation in the world is the problem of rogue states and terrorism. To preserve cultural, religious, or political ideologies, some nations, called rogue nations in the world, have taken a firm, and sometimes violent, stance against the global community. The three nations most often cited as rogue nations include North Korea, Iran, and Syria. The governments of these countries are actively involved in developing nuclear and/or chemical weapons, either as a deterrent against other countries or to increase their influence on the world stage.

Along with these rogue nations, ideological extreme groups present a terrorist threat to many parts of the Western world, as well as their own countries if the governments of those countries do anything to support the Western world. Organizations like ISIS, primarily based in Iraq and Syria, spread terror by conducting organized attacks on civilians throughout the world.


While rogue states and terrorism present a physical threat, issues regarding international trade present both an economic opportunity and a threat. While globalization has opened markets to companies around the world, it has also increased competition. Sometimes, this competition threatens the domestic economy of certain nations, creating tension between that nation and its trade partners.

A good example of this tension is the trade relationship between the United States and China. With over 1.4 billion people in China, companies in the United States have access to a huge number of new consumers. But, in exchange for letting those companies compete in China, the U.S. needs to let Chinese companies compete.

This can cause conflict, for example, when Chinese steel manufacturers can sell their product cheaper in the U.S. than U.S. steel companies. So, for other American companies to have access to Chinese consumers, the U.S. basically has to agree to let China hurt U.S. steel companies. Few governments want to be in the business of picking winners and losers in their economy.

Global Political Issues

Global political issues today are caused by a multitude of aspects of life, from religion to medicine to economics and beyond. Political issues in the world affect all nations, and frequently require the actions of groups of nations, such as the European Union or the United Nations. 바카라사이트

Political issues can be defined as the conflicts of various types that occur between individuals, organizations, states, and other actors. Usually, conflicts over political issues occur between two individuals who propose different solutions to the problems. However, some people argue that certain political issues do not exist in the first place.

Solutions to contemporary world issues have been both helped and hindered by the rise of globalization. This is the increasingly-accepted ideology among world leaders and political scientists that nations should work at developing relationships with each other. This is in direct contrast to the policy and ideology of isolationism, which states that a country should only be concerned with internal issues. Globalization has elevating effects on the influence and power of certain nations at the expense of others. This is one of the major causes of contention between countries of the Middle East and countries in the West.

For instance, international and global trade can introduce economic reliance of smaller, weaker nations on countries that engage in trade with them. Others state that international trade weakens nations with stronger economies. Other impacts of globalization include political and social influence of global powers on the communities and societies of other nations. An example of this is the overreach of American culture in other countries, a process known as ”Americanization.” 온라인카지

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